Current Members

Surname First Name Category Affiliation
Alcombrack McKenna Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Alexander Diana Professional Independent
Allester Stephanie Professional Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Anderson Ewan Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Archer John David Professional Core Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Arnott Charla Professional Soriak Consulting & Research Ltd.
Aubertin Brigitte Associate Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
Bailey Hannah Student Campfire Archaeology and Heritage Ltd.
Bailey Jeff LOA Independent
Baillaut Jean-Jacques Professional Independent
Baker Chris Professional Independent
Ball Alyssa Student University of Victoria
Bartlett Morgan Associate Morgan Legh Consulting
Begg Matt Professional Twin Rivers Archaeology
Belanger Kyle Associate Circle CRM Group Inc.
Bepple Stephanie Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Berg Kim Associate Sea Beneath Marine & Heritage
Berkey Marianne Professional BC Hydro
Bible Aaron Professional Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Bond Hayley Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Bond Shane Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Botica Jennifer Professional Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Boutaleb Safia Student University of British Columbia
Bowles Graham Associate Millennia Research Ltd.
Bowman Sally Associate Millennia Research Ltd.
Brady Karen Professional Karen Brady Archaeology Ltd.
Brendzy Cara Professional Sto:lo Research and Resource Management Centre
Brignall Jonathan Associate In Situ Consulting Inc.
Brolly Richard LOA Independent
Brons George Associate Landsong Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Brooke Eva Professional BC Hydro
Burden Keyna Associate Independent
Burford Aidan Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Burkmar Richard Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Burns Mélissa Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Buttress Angela Associate Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Cameron Ian Professional Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Campbell Bonnie Professional BC Government
Carbonell Curt Student Vancouver Island University
Chapman Braedy Professional Ember Archaeology
Chatan Robbin Professional Sources Archaeological and Heritage Research Inc.
Chester Hayley Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Christenson Kimberly Professional Lone Pine Heritage
Christunesam Joel Student Simon Fraser University
Church Karen Student University of Northern British Columbia
Claire Manmeet Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Coates Clinton Professional Horizon Archaeological Consulting Ltd.
Commisso Rob Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Craig Frank Professional Archer CRM
Cunneyworth Carey Associate Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ First Nation
Dalmer Dana Associate Independent
Davie Nicole Student Simon Fraser University
Davison Erin Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Dewhirst John Professional Archaeo Research Ltd.
DeWitt Sarah Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Di Tomaso Emily Intern Two Worlds Consulting
Diaz Alejandra Associate Terra Archaeology Limited
Dierks Katherine Student Simon Fraser University
Dodd Chris Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Dowding Adam Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Duffield Seonaid Associate Millennia Research Limited
Eckland Kristy Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Edwards Alysha Associate St’at’imc Government Services
Efford Meaghan Student University of British Columbia
Eldridge Morley Professional Millennia Research Ltd.
Eldridge Roger Professional Millennia Research Ltd.
Elvidge Michael Professional Cabin Resource Management
Engisch Chris Professional Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Enns Laura Associate Simpcw Resources Group
Evans Aaron Blake Associate Wolf & Crow Research Services Ltd.
Evaschuk Dana Professional Pathfinder Endeavours Ltd.
Ewonus Paul Professional Ecoarc Consulting Ltd.
Farvacque Remi Professional Archer CRM
Fedoruk Marion Affiliate BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Field Rob Professional Sea Beneath Marine & Heritage
Fisher Meghan Professional 4 Seasons Heritage Consulting
Forbes Devin Professional Inlailawatash Limited Partnership
Freeland Travis Student Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Gagnon Elissa Professional Archer CRM
Gainer Jennifer Associate BC Oil and Gas Commission
Gallacher Andrea Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Gamble Sarah Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Gillies Rhory Professional Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Girard Stephan Professional Roy Northern Land and Environmental
Glennie Jennifer Student Simon Fraser University
Glover Elle Associate Archaeology Branch
Gogal Chelsea Professional Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Goldie Lyle Professional BC Timber Sales
Gomez Belmonte Luis Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Gould Brenda Professional Similkameen Consulting
Gray Adam Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Gribbon Eva Student University of Victoria
Grieve Johnathan Associate Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Groves Krystal Associate Ridgeline Archaeology Ltd.
Gurdic Edin Associate Ridgeline Archaeology Ltd.
Hackett Cory Professional Ridgeline Archaeology Ltd.
Hails Emily Associate Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Hall David Professional Arrowstone Archaeological Research and Consulting Ltd.
Hall Jonathan Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Hammond Joanne Professional Independent
Hamilton Chris Associate Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Hannigan Shanice Student University of York
Hannon Erin Professional Archaeology Branch
Harris Megan Associate Independent
Harrison Jess Student In Situ Consulting Inc.
Haugrud Kevin Associate Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Heffner Susan Professional Independent
Heffner Ty Professional Government of Yukon, Heritage Resources Unit
Heinrichs Daniel Associate Pathways Archaeological Cooperative
Hendricks Garrett Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Herkes Jennifer Associate Two Crow Consulting Inc.
Hicks Tyler Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Hill Melanie Professional Archer CRM
Hogg Erin Affiliate Metro Vancouver
Holland Greg Professional Ecofor Consulting Ltd.
Horrell Barbara Professional Ecofor Consulting Ltd.
Hossack Adam Associate Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Howe D. Geordie Professional Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Hrychuk Beth Professional Landsong Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Huculak Shauna Professional Capital Regional District
Huddlestan Stephanie Associate Metlakatla First Nation
Irvine Sebastian Affiliate Independent
Jackman Nicole Professional Archer CRM
Jeffrey Monica Student Coast Mountain College
Jen Ashley Student Simon Fraser University
Jessome Kenzie Professional In Situ Consulting Inc.
Johnson Isaac Student University of British Columbia Okanagan
Johnson Lisa Associate H3M Environmental
Johnson Raini Student University of British Columbia
Jollymore Kay Professional Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Kaltenrieder Simon Professional Independent
Karimi Ebrahim Student University of Victoria
Kelly-Dockman Lina Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Kendall Heather Associate Katzie Development Limited Partnership
Kennedy Marlowe Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Kennedy Michael Affiliate WSP Canada Inc.
Keskula Jennifer Student Vancouver Parks Board
Kessick Sarah Associate Millennia Research Limited
Kesteven Evangeline Intern Terra Archaeology Ltd.
Klassen Michael Professional Klahanee Heritage Research
Knighton Mykol Professional BC Hydro
Kowalski Luke Associate A.E.W. LP
Kurta Mackenzie Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Lantz Graham Associate H3M Environmental
Latimer Andrew Associate Squamish Nation Rights and Title Department
Lawrence Avery Student University of Victoria
Le Beau David Professional ERM Consultants Canada Ltd.
Lebedoff Sarah Associate A.E.W. LP
LeBourdais Leslie Associate Tk’emlups te Secwepemc
Leenders Amber Student University of British Columbia
Leier Alyssa Affiliate The Exploration Place
Liddy Jacob Professional Nupqu Resource Limited Partnership
Lloyd-Price Simon Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Lynas Brittany Associate A.E.W. LP
Mackay Jode Professional Circle CRM Group Inc.
Mackenzie Rodney Student University of Oxford
MacKenzie Sarah Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Markey Nola Professional Little Shuswap Lake Band
Marr Adrienne Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Marshall Amanda Professional Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Mason Andrew Professional WSP Canada Inc.
McCaffrey Marina Associate Landsong Heritage Consulting Ltd.
McCashin Patrick Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
McGill Meghan Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
McKee Ramsay Professional ArchaeoTech Consulting and Research Ltd.
McKenzie Kathryn Student University of Victoria
McKnight Sean Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
McPhee Violet Student University of British Columbia
Milward Robert Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Mitchell Liam Affiliate ISL Engineering and Land Services
Mitchell Monty Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Mooney James Professional Ecofor Consulting Ltd.
Moore Charles Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Moore Gordon Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Morin Shana Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Morrissey Greg Professional Campfire Archaeology and Heritage Ltd.
Muckle Robert Affiliate Dept of Anthropology, Capilano University
Murphy Phoebe Professional Murphy Archaeological Services
Myles Heather Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Neill Lindsey Professional Nupqu Resource Limited Partnership
Nicholls Nicole Professional City of Kamloops
Nuttall John Associate Stantec Consulting Ltd.
O’Neill Casey Professional Independent
O’Neill Derek Professional Sirius Archaeology Solutions
Orr Eric Associate Landsong Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Owens D’Ann Professional Millennia Research Limited
Paquin Todd Professional Paquin Archaeological Services Ltd.
Parent Leslie Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Pasmans Katie Intern WSP Canada Inc.
Paterson Robert Professional H3M Environmental
Pierson Nova LOA Independent
Pietraroia Jacob Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Poirier Maggie Professional BC Timber Sales
Poland Megan Intern A.E.W. LP
Pollack John Affiliate Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Porreca Remi Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Pratt Heather Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Proano Cepeda Daniel Student Douglas College
Purcell Emily Student Simon Fraser University
Rance Gemma Student Simon Fraser University
Randhawa Jai Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Rathbone Aviva Professional Rathbone Consulting
Reich Melody Associate ISL Engineering and Land Services
Reid Carling Affiliate ISL Engineering and Land Services
Richardson Sarah Affiliate Sarah Richardson Consulting
Rix Courtney Associate Sources Archaeological and Heritage Research Inc.
Robertson Cameron Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Rogerson Scott Professional Synergy Land & Environmental Services Ltd.
Rohdin Stephanie Associate Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Ross Matthew Associate Transportation Investment Corporation
Ross Michael Associate Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Rousseau Mike Professional Antiquus Archaeological Consultants Ltd.
Russell Marina Associate Archer CRM
Safi Kristin Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Sagarbarria Ryan Professional ISL Engineering and Land Services
Salomons Tanisha Student Simon Fraser University
Sanchez Fabriola Student Camosun College
Sawin Thea Associate Millennia Research Limited
Sawyer Crystal Associate Independent
Seip Lisa Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Sherwin Nyomi Associate Pathways Archaeological Cooperative
Sielsky Kali Student University of Saskatchewan
Simons Eric Student University of British Columbia
Sky Amy Student Cornell University
Smethurst Naomi Professional Independent
Smith Sarah Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Solomon Simon Professional Sto:lo Research and Resource Management Centre
Spady Ryan Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Spearing Whitney Professional Sugar Cane Archaeology
Stach Emily Student WSP Canada Inc.
Stafford Jim Professional Coast Interior Archaeology
Stanton Sarah Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Statham Kim Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Storey Alice Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Storey Marc Associate Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Streeter Ian Professional Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Stryd Arnoud LOA Independent
Suriano Avalon Student Camosun College
Switzer Samuel Associate  Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) LLP
Takasaki Grant Associate ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.
Tamasi Ian Professional Pathways Archaeological Cooperative
Tang Lap-Kwan Intern Landsong Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Taylor Ginelle Professional Ursus Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Taylor Michael Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Termes Laura Student Simon Fraser University
Thurley Caitlin Affiliate ISL Engineering and Land Services
Topacio Gwendolyn Student Kleanza Consulting Ltd.
Towstyka Jennifer Student/td> Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Twohig Kevin Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
VanderMeer Kristina Associate K. VanderMeer Archaeology
van Rooyen Ewald Associate Circle CRM Group Inc.
Verral Christopher Associate WSP Canada Inc.
Vickruck Cory Associate Ridgeline Archaeology Ltd.
Vigneau Sophie Student University of Victoria
Vigneault Peter Professional BC Hydro
Vincent Rob Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Wada Gail Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Walker Daniel Professional ERM
Warnock Jackson Student Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Waters Craig Professional WSP Canada Inc.
Watson Amanda Associate A.E.W. LP
Watson Andrew Associate Millennia Research Limited
Watson Brett Professional Core Heritage Consulting Ltd.
Weber Nicholas Professional Squamish Nation
Weinberger Dan Professional Terra Archaeology Limited
Westre Nicole LOA WSP Canada Inc.
Whalen Phil Professional Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Whitley Brendan Student University of Victoria
Wick Genevieve Student Simon Fraser University
Wiederick Brock Professional Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Wiens Crystal Associate H3M Environmental Ltd.
Wijesinghe Achinie Professional A.E.W. LP
Wilkerson Emily Professional Transportation Investment Corporation
Williams Julie Professional H3M Environmental
Williamson Doris Student University of British Columbia
Willows Erin Professional Millennia Research Ltd.
Wilson Abby Associate ALW Archaeology
Wilson Jeffrey Professional Upper Similkameen Indian Band
Wind Sam Student Langara College
Worswick Wesley Professional Sugar Cane Archaeology
Wylie Chris Professional FortisBC
Ying Meng Professional City of Vancouver
Young-Boyle Chandra Associate Archaeology Branch
Zibauer Doris Professional BC Hydro
This list is based on information provided by the members.

If you have questions regarding this list please contact the BCAPA Administrator.