Memberships Listings

The BCAPA is a non-profit, professional organization incorporated under the Society Act and comprised of professional archaeologists working in British Columbia. In consideration of the public interest, the Registrar of Companies issued the BCAPA an Occupational Title Protection Certificate in 1999. It allows professional members of the Association the exclusive right to use the title “Registered Professional Consulting Archaeologist” and the initials “RPCA” to identify such persons. A RPCA is bound by the rules of membership in the BCAPA, including its code of ethics, conduct, standards of practice, and grievance procedure.

The Association maintains a list of archaeological consulting firms which employ one or more professional members of the Association who direct archaeological projects for the listed firms. The listings are in alphabetical order. Each listing provides the contact name of only one professional member, although firms may employ professional members, qualifying members, and non-members of the Association. We urge those seeking professional advice to deal with professional members.

Members of the BCAPA can offer professional advice, provide archaeological consulting services (overview assessments, impact assessments, mitigation), or conduct archaeological research. Please contact individual members or firms/institutions employing members for information on areas of specialization and services provided. Many of the firms/institutions listed here also have websites that provide further details and information.