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BC Association of Professional Archaeologists

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Administrator: Raelene Danks


Past President

Jeff Wilson – President

Jeff has been a member of the BCAPA since 2012, former chair of various committees and served 3 years as the Second Director from 2014 to 2017. He is looking forward to the Association’s growth with new ideas on the reflection of past experiences as a director.

Jeff graduated UNBC with a B.A. in anthropology and has over 10 years of experience with a solid mix throughout the province on projects of all shapes and sizes. He is a permit holder in the Sub-Arctic Boreal Forest and field director for the Interior Plateau. His interests are inclusive of diversity and inclusion as well as strong indigenous engagement and leadership on projects. When not in the field and reporting, he enjoys the torture of CrossFit and exploring the local trails, eateries, breweries, and wineries.

Christopher Verral – Vice President

Christopher has been on the board of directors since 2015. In addition to his role as Treasurer, he has been an active member on committees, serving as Chair of the Bylaws and RISC committees.

Christopher received his B.A. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in 2005 and spent several years working in Human Resources before joining the CRM world in 2011. He has worked extensively across the province conducting fieldwork, reporting, and as a project manager. He spends his free time chasing his 3-year old daughter around, trying to stop her from climbing tall things.


Stay tuned…

Erin Willows – Secretary

Erin has been a member of the BCAPA for over 10 years. She is currently filling the role of secretary on the executive committee and is also a member of the Standards of Practice Committee and Public Education committee. Erin has worked as a professional archaeologist in BC for almost 20 years. Internationally, she has participated in the excavation and analysis of human remains at various stages of mummification; and the analysis of mortuary practices in the Acarí Valley of Peru. Erin spent February of 2015 in Guatemala working with individuals affected by human rights violations in an applied capacity to impart how inter/multidisciplinary fields collaborate in the investigation of human rights violations, as well as in the process of the exhumation, recovery and analysis of mass graves, and transitional justice. Erin is an active volunteer in the community working with local NGOs on environmental stewardship education & outreach programs.

Megan Harris – First Director

Megan Harris is currently the First Director with the BCAPA and chairs the Membership Committee. She is an archaeologist working in the Southern Interior. Megan completed her undergraduate degree at UBC in 2012 and her MA thesis at SFU in 2017 focusing on ground stone disk beads from the Salish Sea region. Megan has been working as an archaeologist since 2012 throughout British Columbia with experience on small and large scale projects.

When Megan is not in the field, she enjoys baking, traveling, and canning everything in sight.

Matthew Ross – 2nd Director

Matt is the current second director of the BCAPA. This is his second year on the executive and he remains excited to hold his position. He holds a BA in anthropology from Vancouver Island University and an MSc in archaeological science specializing in organic residue analysis from the University of Bradford.

Matt has worked as an archaeologist in BC since 2013 and has participated in projects throughout the province. He is currently a field director in the northwest coast region of BC. His project experience has included archaeological impact assessments, desk based assessments, archaeological monitoring, excavation, and reporting.

When he is not working Matt enjoys hiking, running, foraging, and cooking whatever he’s found while foraging.

Raelene Danks – Administrator

Raelene joined the BCAPA in 2012. She worked as an administrator in the environmental consulting field for nearly a decade. Her exceptional organizational skills and many years of experience working with BC archaeologists enables her to successfully administer the Association.  Raelene has a diverse educational background including a B.A. in Criminology, a certificate in Applied Computer Applications, and is certified as a Legal Office Assistant.

Erin Hannon – Past President

Erin is the Past President of the BCAPA, and an RPCA.  Erin has been an active member of the BCAPA since joining in 2007. She’s also a member of the Membership Committee and past Chair of the Professional Development Committee.

Erin graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia in 2006 and since then has been working in CRM in western Canada. She has lived and worked throughout BC and Alberta and is a permit holder in the Sub-Arctic Boreal Forest, Interior Plateau and Northwest Coast. When not conducting fieldwork or writing reports, Erin spends her time traveling and playing sports.

Committees & Groups

The contact list for committee and group chairs is on the Committee page.

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