Make a Difference

Members of the BCAPA all have the opportunity to make a difference by volunteering to work on a number of committees or groups. The BCAPA committees and groups take on a variety of different tasks from working in the community to assisting with the running of the association. A list of the committees is included below. If you would like to volunteer on a committee please contact our BCAPA Administrator.

Awards Committee

Annually, the Awards Committee provides a bursary to a BCAPA Student Member who will attend a field school within the calendar year. The bursary is a non-repayable limited grant of $1,500, with a preference given to those students who demonstrate financial need. The selection process encourages other criteria such as extracurricular involvement and leadership in the BC student archaeology community.

The Awards Committee recognizes one of the many prominent archaeologists or anthropologists who have influenced BC archaeology, by naming the bursary in their honour.

Past Honorees have included:

  • Hilary Stewart
  • Phil Hobler
  • Don Mitchell
  • R.G. Matson
  • Al MacMillan
  • Roy Carlson
  • Leonard Ham
  • Katie Young
  • Wayne Point
  • Justine Batten

2020 David Pokotylo Student Bursary Information

The 2020 David Pokotylo student bursary has been postponed due to COVID-19. Stay tuned…

Indigenous Engagement Committee

The indigenous engagement committee works to engage indigenous communities on initiatives to make the BCAPA more relevant to indigenous perspectives in archaeology. The committee’s goals include opening a dialogue with indigenous practitioners of archaeology, increasing indigenous representation within the BCAPA membership, working toward recognition of indigenous archaeologists’ experience and expertise in archaeological practice, and engagement with indigenous communities to find out how the BCAPA can support indigenous interests more effectively.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee receives and reviews applications, checks references, obtains any additional information that may be required in order to review an application, and then forwards a recommendation for acceptance or rejection of an application to the Directors. If you have any questions regarding the membership application process or would like to join this committee please the Committee Chair.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is composed of association members; we facilitate the development of skills and knowledge necessary to professional archaeology. We arrange one day workshops that expose participants to specialized skills. From lithic technology, faunal analysis, culturally modified trees, or wet sites; we bring in the best experts in their fields to impart their focused skills and insight to our workshop participants. Seminars are run on a cost recovery basis so the expense is minimal and the rewards rich! We listen to our members and provide interesting speakers and topics to keep our participants satisfied and returning again and again.

Standards of Practice Committee

The Standards of Practice Committee updates, organizes changes, and writes new Standards of Practice for members conducting archaeological work.

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