Job: Standing Offer: Archaeological Service Provider


Skeetchestn Natural Resources Corp (SNRC)
Standing Offer: Archaeological Service Provider

Location Skeetchestn (Savona, Kamloops, Cache Creek)

Information: Skeetchestn Natural Resources Corp (SNRC) is seeking a standing offer arrangement with a qualified consulting firm to provide contract archaeological services on an if-as-and-when-needed basis. The intent is to establish a mutually agreeable partnership that can support SNRC in undertaking large archaeological projects and ongoing CRM programs.

SNRC is a full service community-based natural and cultural resources firm contributing to and directing all phases of land and resource planning and management in Skeetchestn traditional territory, protecting title and rights and respecting Secwepemc laws, culture, and traditions. We work in collaboration with the Skeetchestn Indian Band to steward the land, water and all its inhabitants with an ethic of sustainability, respect and reciprocity. Developing economic, professional, social and cultural capacity of community members to care for Secwepemculewc is a core goal.

Candidate firms must have ample experience working in Secwepemc territories and with Secwepemc communities. An understanding of Secwepemc culture and the contemporary contexts and issues affecting these communities are essential prerequisites for the successful firm, as is a strong commitment to reconciliation and awareness of the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Contributing to safe, supportive and educational work environment is a key part of this arrangement.

We encourage firms of all sizes to apply, and welcome novel proposals from professionals who can demonstrate sufficient and reliable access to qualified personnel needed to undertake resource management work of all kinds (e.g. well-resourced and connected networks of affiliated independent practitioners).

The successful service provider will have a core staff with the following mandatory skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or greater in Archaeology or Anthropology, with an archaeology field school
  • Qualified field director and/or permit holder in the Interior plateau region
  • 5+ years of field experience in archaeology in the BC interior
  • 3+ years of field experience in archaeology in Secwepemculewc
  • 5+ years of experience supervising field crews on cultural resource management projects (responsibility for management decisions and recommendations)
  • 5+ years of experience in the forestry industry
  • An understanding of the breadth and application of various management options for the responsible care of archaeological and other cultural heritage values and resources
  • Demonstrated knowledge of BC Heritage Conservation Act and regulatory requirements, including awareness of BC Archaeology Branch policies, procedures and standards
  • Excellent knowledge of site and artifact identification and classification
  • Excellent field abilities (effective note-taking, navigating, using standard field equipment)
  • Excellent technical writing skills (eg AIA reports and site forms)
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Proficiency with and access to standard office computer applications and equipment, including GIS capacity
  • Demonstrated experience working in partnership with First Nations communities
  • Ability to adapt, undertake multiple tasks, and respond quickly to changing priorities
  • Ability to conduct field work under a variety of physically challenging field conditions
  • Valid driver’s license, First Aid (OFA 1 or above) and S100 fire suppression

Preference to candidate firms with core staff who are:

  • members of the BCAPA (any level)
  • located locally in the Kamloops-Savona-Cache Creek areas

In accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Aboriginal Employment Preferences Policy (here), preference will be given to firms with Indigenous staff.

To submit a proposal for consideration:

A proposal package, submitted by April 26, 2019, should include:

  • A corporate prospectus, including information on your firm’s capacity, relevant experience, and an outline of successful research and resource management projects
  • Names and contact information for minimum of 3 business references, at least one reference must be from a First Nations community or organization with whom your firm has engaged in cooperative and mutually beneficial work in the last 5 years
  • current resumes of principle archaeologists (permit holders and/or field directors)
  • a schedule of rates for professional services
  • a cover letter outlining your firm’s relevant skills and experience, and suitability for a cooperative professional arrangement, including a brief summary of the benefits a partnership 

Inquiries welcome: Contact Joanne Hammond ( 250-373-2494 ext 216)

Company Skeetchestn Natural Resources Corp (SNRC)
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