Resources Information Standards Committee Archaeological and CMT Inventory Training for Crew Members

The BCAPA has been selected by the Archaeology Branch as the agency responsible for coordinating the delivery of the RISC course Archaeological and CMT Inventory Training for Crew Members.

The Course

The RISC course is intended to teach basic site identification, survey, and recording skills. The course is designed for a maximum of 16 participants (with courses larger than 8 participants requiring an assistant instructor). Preferably, participants should have some background in forestry or other fieldwork.

The course is five days in length and includes daily classroom and field components. Upon successful completion of the course, participants are registered with the province and receive a certificate signed by the Archaeology Branch.

For more details on the course, click here.

Course Fees and Materials

The course registration fee is $75 per participant, which covers registration, equipment rental and shipping, samples, instructor support and materials, certification by the province, and certificate printing and shipping. Fees for the instructor and the facility are not included.

Instructors/clients are responsible for ordering the course workbooks (at a cost of about $90/set). Ordering information will be provided after the course has been registered with the BCAPA.


Groups or agencies interested in hosting the course are responsible for finding a qualified instructor. The BCAPA does not hire or provide instructors. You can contact the Archaeology Branch or the BCAPA for a list of qualified instructors.

Course Registration

Courses must be registered with the BCAPA and registration fees paid in full a minimum of two weeks in advance of the course delivery. To register a course and receive a registration fee invoice, please send the following information to the email address listed below.

  • Instructor name, affiliation, and contact information (including phone and email)
  • Group/agency requesting the course
  • Client name, billing address, and contact information (including contact name, phone, and email)
  • Proposed dates of the course
  • Number of participants
  • Course location (nearest town or city)
  • Shipping address and contact name (for equipment)
  • Mailing address and contact name (for certificates)

For further information or to set up a course, please contact: 

Michael Klassen at mklassen@bcapa.ca or 604.785.0217