Operational Procedures

Together the by-laws, code of ethics, code of conduct and standards of practice of the BCAPA provide guidance and structure for the association. Bylaws have been clarified in some cases by ordinary resolutions (clarifying notes). Operational procedures establish methods for conducting archaeological investigations and are binding on BCAPA members. These documents are provided here as a public service. Copies provided on this site are not official copies. Official copies are available by request. Questions regarding these documents and requests for official copies should be addressed to the Secretary BCAPA secretary@bcapa.ca.

Clarifying Notes Date Adopted
Exemption for Reasons of Confidentiality Policy February 20, 1999
Professional Judgement Policy April 17, 1999
Review Notification Policy April 17, 1999
Membership Eligibility Policy March 2, 2013
Operational Procedures Date Adopted
Notes Clarifying the Culturally Modified Trees of British Columbia Handbook April 17, 1999
General Reporting Standards April 17, 1999
Standards for Interim Reporting on Archaeological Impact Assessments April 17, 1999
Standard for Reassessment of Archaeological Site Potential April 17, 1999
Archaeological Site Recording Standards April 17, 1999
Audit Standards March 12, 2005
Standards for Field Collection of Samples for Mitigative Dating of Culturally Modified Trees March 5, 2011