Grievance Form

Any person, including a director of the society, who believes a member of the society may be guilty of unprofessional conduct may make a complaint against the member to the directors of the society using this form. “Unprofessional conduct” is defined as conduct which violates the bylaws of the society generally and in particular, the guidelines set out in Part 3 Code of Ethics and Part 4 Code of Conduct.

A copy of this grievance form will be sent to the BCAPA directors. Within thirty days after receiving the complaint, the directors will notify all named parties involved in the complaint, will meet to discuss the complaint, and will vote on appropriate action according to the
bylaws Part 9 Grievances Procedures.

Please note that in order to find a resolution to your complaint any information you provide may be forwarded at the discretion of the BCAPA directors and the BCAPA Grievance Committee members. In addition, any person named in your complaint may be contacted to verify or provide additional information.


    The Complainant

    Member Grieved Against

    Statement of Grievance

    Settlement Desired

    Photos or other relevant documentation. (2MB Max)