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The B.C. Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA) is a non-profit, self-governing professional organization incorporated under the B.C. Society Act in November of 1995. The BCAPA represents and furthers the professional interests of individuals involved in the discipline of archaeology in British Columbia and has, among its goals, the establishment and maintenance of principles and standards of practice for conducting archaeological work.

Membership is restricted to archaeologists, archaeological managers, and related professionals engaged in archaeological work in British Columbia, and to students studying archaeology in British Columbia. The Bylaws of the Association recognize six categories of membership: Professional, Associate, Intern, Affiliate, Student and Leave-of-Absence. Professional members are those who meet certain criteria of training and experience. Associate members meet certain criteria of training and experience, but do not meet the eligibility criteria for Professional membership. Intern members meet certain criteria of training and experience, but do not meet the eligibiity criteria for Associate membership. The Affiliate category is intended for non-archaeologists working full- or part-time in archaeological/heritage management work, or in a related discipline, in B.C.  The Student category is intended for those enrolled in a recognized archaeology program. The current membership includes archaeologists from different parts of British Columbia and adjacent jurisdictions, who together undertake the vast majority of archaeological work in British Columbia.

The Association has received occupation title protection under the Society Act, with the words “Registered Professional Consulting Archaeologist” and the initials “RPCA” designated for exclusive use of the Professional members.

The Bylaws of the BCAPA contain a Code of Ethics, a Code of Conduct, and a Grievance Procedure that provides a mechanism for addressing complaints of unprofessional conduct by members. Unprofessional conduct is defined as conduct that violates the bylaws of the society generally and, in particular, the guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct, or the operational standards of the society. These bylaws, codes and standards bind all members.

The BCAPA is governed by six directors elected annually by the membership. Several committees assist the directors with the business of the Association. The Association has an ongoing program for the development of operational standards for archaeological fieldwork and reporting, and the BCAPA sponsors and encourages professional development by its members.

The Association maintains a list of members, as well lists of archaeological firms and institutions employing BCAPA members. The BCAPA also issues highlights from Directors’ Meetings, and maintains a web page ( to provide information on matters relating to archaeology in the Province.

For more information about the BCAPA, please contact us.