Report Site Damage

Anonymously Report Unauthorized Damage to an Archaeological Site

Use this form to report alteration, damage, or removal of archaeological heritage which is not authorized or properly documented. Your name and email address will not be attached to this report unless you chose to include them. This information will be forwarded to the directors of the BCAPA to discuss any concerns raised and decide to whether or not the provincial authorities should be notified.

You may also report unauthorized heritage site alterations directly to the Provincial Archaeology Branch. A list of Archaeology Branch contacts can be found here:

    Address or Location

    Source of conflict

    Summary description of sites affected, including archaeological site name (Borden Grid numbers) where available

    Have human remains been detected/disturbed?

    Parties involved (those responsible for the alteration, affected First Nations, archaeologists or other)

    Date of first violation

    Type / level of involvement by law enforcement

    Case disposition

    References (to sources of information on the case, especially reports, newspaper articles, etc.)

    Photos or other relevant documentation.

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