Recognition of Individual Members



The BCAPA recognizes our members outstanding achievements in archaeology and celebrates significant milestones.

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Rudy Reimer - Wild Archaeology

Congratulations to British Columbia’s own Rudy Reimer Yumks, who has teamed up with Jennifer Brousseau and Jacob Pratt on an exciting new TV series on the APTN network titled “Wild Archaeology”

Wild Archaeology

In an interview with Stuart Derdeyn of the Vancouver Sun, Rudy said of the series “Every set of episodes really illustrates the geographic differences across Canada and the completely different kind of archaeology we researchers use to interpret what we’re finding. The name of the show really appealed to me because it not only reflects where I do the work I do, but also because it references the research being done at sites that aren’t right on the doorstep in what are, in many cases, modern cities today.”

For more on the show and to catch up on episodes visit APTN

Dr. Rudy Reimer - B.C - Colour. photo by Tracy German


Rob Field - BC's First Commercially Rated Marine Archaeologist

Congratulations on becoming British Columbia’s first commercially-rated marine archaeologist. We recognize your hard work becoming an accomplished technical diver with advanced certifications in overhead environments, mixed gasses, and extended range; with an excess of 600 logged dives in deep-water wrecks, under ice and in caves. We would also like to recognize your experience including archival research, underwater excavation, and search and survey in zero visibility and swift-water conditions.
Rob Field